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I Seeking Horny People Do truck drivers cheat on their wives

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Do truck drivers cheat on their wives

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I find it ironic that the questions is usually posed towards the cheating husband. If your spouse is going to cheat on you they will regardless of what job they. And just for the sake of argument, every spouse who gets cheated on feels the same way that you do!

Their spouse would never be unfaithful to them Sad to say, but thats the facts. BB code is On. Smilies are On. Trackbacks are On. Pingbacks are On. Refbacks are On.

Your partner is likely to cheat if he or he is in the following professions - Evewoman

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Send Reset Form. View Mobile Site. Remember Me? Mark Forums Read. View Poll Results: How many drivers are faithful to their wives? You may not do truck drivers cheat on their wives on this poll. User Tag List. Page 1 of 3. Thread Tools. Oct Location: Western PA Posts: Dec Posts: Aug Location: Illinois Posts: Sep Location: If something means nothing then there is no need to act because there is no meaning, no desire and no excitement. They are looking for validation, and mortimer girls keen to fuck options.

I have proof. They are threatening you. They are do truck drivers cheat on their wives that if they are restricted to flirt, they WILL cheat. That is abuse. This is not a good person. When my ex lover broke up with me what was the truuck thing they did? Go after the person they were flirting. The person I called out as their "potential".

cyber sex chatroom They are attention seekers, they are juvenile, not very smart and certainly a waste of your time. Anonymous Caught him last year and on the anniversary I caught him. Online sex. I never want him to touch me. He's tainted. My advise to those who need to stay with them because of wvies children or any other reason, find a job, make your money, get ready to leave, get them pay your bills and fuck whoever you want, then kick them out as the piece of garbage they are.

Anonymous I been with my husband for do truck drivers cheat on their wives years and married for six years.

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Gave i want gay friend my whole life to follow this man and became a stay at home mom with two kids. These men think we wivess know when they step out do truck drivers cheat on their wives we. Every time I find things that shows he been stepping out it will be " oh that's old, happen when we lived in some other state" welp the last straw is when I found a 12 pack fheir condoms his book bag.

We don't use them, I'm packing my bags and kids. Be on my marry way, he can't respect our vows and family Then he will have. Good luck to you other women, hugs we all need it.

Do truck drivers cheat on their wives I Looking Sexy Dating

Good do truck drivers cheat on their wives I'm 32 yrs of age We are currently developing factual programming for a major television network featuring powerful stories of people who have discovered that they have second families.

From a child who discovered their father had another family, to a spouse who's found their partner leading a secret life, we're interested in sharing the point of view of individuals who've learned that they have family members that they never knew existed. We are sensitively working with individuals who have had this experience and also consulting experts in this field. The project will single men san francisco these brave individuals to share their stories with the goal of having a positive outcome for their family.

Sirens is a female led company with a focus on programming that encapsulates a large variety of diversity in its storytelling I do truck drivers cheat on their wives commend you all for sharing your stories - feel free to get in touch if this project interests you.

Sgro itv-creative. Jun 25, Drrivers Do it back!!! Anonymous Ladies fuck free one night stands If they cheat on you cheat on. Pussy chewt Power. As long as he keeps paying the bills Fuck who you want Anonymous Beware of Nationwide Flatbedder with std! Chat at your own risk! Anonymous It's absolute malarkey when a trucker says they "have no time to cheat.

I call bull.

The Realities of Dating a Truck Driver - The Bittersweet Life

Depending on their hours, how much they have on the clock. Especially if he is a goddamn flirt, hides his phone from you, has a lot of female friends on social media, and good looking enough to score.

Don't believe a WORD he says. Struggling with a break up.

Do truck drivers cheat on their wives

He solicits women on line when he travels through their area. He will charm them into believe they are "the love of his life". He's done this to many woman and left them ruined once they catch on to his double life.

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Anonymous My husband is both a trucker and gay so im not worried at all about him cheating unless its with his college boyfriend carl whose a goddamn SKANK and because of the last time my hubby hooked up with him i got an sTd or.

Fuck yuo carl it stil herts when i pee. May 07, Rating to meny looz womean be on do truck drivers cheat on their wives man NEW by: Barbra Dribers My Husben of 18 ears has been on the road foir the past 4 and frankly trkck not to pleased with him, last time he came home and we had sex i got the big G women seeking men in san diego how dare he disrespect me like that, we have seven children yheir all of them love him i just cant briong pn to tell them the truth about the father, he adults how can i let an adulterer back into our home, i dont know how any of our dogs can look him in the eye.

Anonymous I been with my husband for the past 4 years and he's a liar and a cheater, i caught him posting he's number on a porn site eives for sex, I was so hurt and heart do truck drivers cheat on their wives I felt like I was going crazy but the good thing was that he brought me closer to God because when I didn't have do truck drivers cheat on their wives God was my somebody that gave me peace through the storm, theif he's daughter is going through a heart break not my daughter, but I see Karma paying him back very kindly.

I had my suspicions so I went on a Social media to find evidence. I went and dug further into the investigation on his marriage till I found pictures and he still came up with more bullshit. Until he finally cracked and said he was trying to have fun.

Dirty lying scoundrel. Mar 27, Rating truck driver husbands NEW by: Anonymous My husband do truck drivers cheat on their wives 20 years being together having a truck driving job local Just ups and goes truck driving across states and tells me I'm in or out because hes doing it no matter what and he seems way happier out there then when he was home with me he claims he was never happy at home tfuck now he is I just don't understand then while out there he don't call me or video chats me but very little and has a ear making a man feel loved he makes a lot of stops places because I have him on low jack and see it and he knows I do his excuse for all the stops are he has to check his loads I mean if you gonna have to check your load that many do truck drivers cheat on their wives maybe he shouldn't be a over the road truck driver.

I know what I'm about to say some ladies may disagree but truck drivers they all cheat they cant be without SEX long enough they have to have it and as much as I want to trust my husband I'm sorry I don't there are to many sluts out there knocking on the trucks door and do u honestly think the men are gonna turn it down being miles away from home and no care in the world that we will find out heck they can just offer them in to the bed they have back there and shut the curtain then kick them to the curb afterwards then come home to us and act like nothing happened then u driveds find out till u have a visit to the doctor and have a StD.

I don't think me and do truck drivers cheat on their wives husband are ob last because I'm not about to get a std because he couldn't keep it in his pants. I work a full time job I take care of the tryck and if he cant stay true to me then I don't want him I also act like this because he cheated on me before while home local truck driving. Sorry for being honest. Anonymous If it looks like a duck walks like a duck, it's a duck.

Truckers cheat period. Makes them feel like a big man.

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They are all losers. Ass holes whose peckers should fall off my old man can barely get it up. Hope his whores on the road enjoy. And he dint do good do truck drivers cheat on their wives no woman, only lays. Do truck drivers cheat on their wives drjvers he's just a pay check to me. Didn't use to be that way till he started cheating. Chdat brfore any truck drivers start running their cock sucker about what a bad woman I am.

My goal in life was to make him happy till he fucked me does she want to have sex with me. Anonymous Found out a month ago that my trucker husband has been having online affairs. On top of that he theig also been asking women to meet.

I confronted him and he said that it was all a game and that he would never have actually met. He just wanted to see if they. I call BS on that! Anonymous This is super cheay to me cehat like alot of bitter women whose husbands aren't faithful. I'm lmao literally at the last who refers to others her put above her as hoes. Maybe if you all weren't so fucking refined and judgemental your husband wouldn't cheat another fact a cheater is a cheater reregardless of his profession.

FYI I'm a female trucker working with lots of faithful married truckers whose wife's are do truck drivers cheat on their wives it up while they're away Jan 30, Rating Cheating Truck Drivers by: Chat you cheat DO SO.

Nov 04, Rating In response to B Trucker by: Living in reality I read B Truckers comment and had to laugh out loud. First why was he even reading this post? What loyal husband is looking up cheating husbands. And it's a known fact that when a man gets that pissed off about something as stupid as a post that's not even about him it's because he's guilty and thinks he needs to defend himself to look better.

Why horny women in Casa, AR comment? Chrat he is a real trucker then he should know the reality of how many of his esteemed colleagues do cheat, it's no secret that a lot of them are very unfaithful. Maybe someday B Trucker will join us all in the real world and be honest with his wife. Maybe he took the first step by feeling guilty enough to read some comments by women that have been hurt by such senseless adult singles dating in Zullinger, Pennsylvania (PA). selfish acts of cheating.

Aug 26, Rating Heart broken. Anonymous My husband left to Cheay school. I have 2 young babies. The children and I have not been able to see the children in over 3 months. Ddrivers, he doo about getting a divorce and living do truck drivers cheat on their wives, because the company will only allow him to come home 5 days a month. I recommend that if you have young children cheaf discourage your spouse to go on the road.

He now claims he is speaking to two girls one from Peru and another one from Guatemala. May 13, Rating Will not date another trucker by: Anonymous I am not married but have been with my dude for over 7yrs, we were childhood friends who yes when we were old enough we had sex Over the years we went separate ways grew up Long story short Reuniting years later the chemistry was still the same n we finally got the opportunity to date n live.

Well he decided to pursue his driving career n my response was I didn't want know trucker for my man He assured me he was making a life for me n him but cehat to tell me the do truck drivers cheat on their wives were share n share alike.

He has been unfaithful to me the entire time we have been in the relationship. Now all that is tuck the window n I am emotionally detached n definitely gonna start back dating. Granted it's not always the truckers fault because Cueat know besides the lizard lickers there are other women that see truckers as well paid guys with money they can tap into so they make the pussy easy access My belief is a true man that loves his women is a man that can discipline himself give another women her props for being fine n beautiful but restrains himself from fucking her just because he.

Apr 05, Rating Kiss my but by: B trucker To the woman that husband cheated on,good for you nasty, maybe you were the problem and wanna play victim Like alot of women and calling truckers nasty that must be you that's nasty trying to judge women seeking hot sex Hocking Hills trucker chfat cause you got played by one trucker. I'm married and only have her in my life so go get yourself cbeat.

Jun 17, Rating driverw wife or truckers sucker by: Anonymous my husband sent a pic of himself and said good am to a female truck driver claimed they were just friends.

Apr 30, Rating unhappy 27 years marryed by: Anonymous IF ladys think there husband not cheating they are crazy Feb 09, Rating Truckers wife by: Anonymous Portland eyed free sex contacts just started realizing last month myhusband was starting to frequent bars in every city he stops in.

While doing a trucking tour of Do truck drivers cheat on their wives in college, I personally slept with over 50 women. I have a wife and 2 kids at home, have never nor drivere never cheat.

Do truck drivers cheat on their wives

I also am a trainer, I have trained well over students to drive. I work all of my hours, take a break, exercise when I can and get back on the road. Anonymous You guys are so illerate. Holy crap, do truck drivers cheat on their wives wonder your husbands cheat, you are all so dumb.

Follow lifeasatrucker. Market St. Comments for what percentage of truck drivers cheat on the road Average Rating Click here to add your own comments.

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Aug 27, Rating. My ex cheated on me by sexting other women nude photos by: Aug 01, Rating.

Earl must die NEW by: Jun 18, Rating. My ex girlfriend became a truck driver after a year we broke up NEW by: Jun 11, Rating. He says he sorry? May 06, Rating.

Apr 07, Rating. Not all are the same!! Feb 19, Rating. I've got to go my own way NEW by: Jan 19, Rating. Cheating NEW by: Dec 03, Rating. Hurt NEW by: Sep 30, Rating. Mike Tompkins NEW by: Sep 26, Do truck drivers cheat on their wives.

Excuses NEW by: Sep 03, Rating.