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Cum Cheriton Bishop woman 23 23

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Cum Cheriton Bishop woman 23 23

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John Dreever of St. Laurence, Exeter, and Elinor Gill of St. Olave, Exeter, to be married at Buckerell after banns.

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Laurence, Exeter. First entering a bond. Somerset, to be married at Eackenford. John Ellmer and Joanna Burnard of Kenton, to be married in the house of the said Burnard, on account of her illness, banns first called three times, by permission of the Lord Bishop of Exeter to Mr. Chaunt, Vicar of the. Dorsette, and Susanna Davie of Sithnie in co.

Nicholas Eoll of Blackeawton, Gent. Marie, to be married at St. Lewis Hayman of Dunchidiock, Gent. John Matthewe of Hemiocke, in co. John Crabb and Grace Hitchen of Maker. John Rogers and Matilda Stile of Kenton.

John Laverence and Katherine Pom- roye of St. Dec, Note that the said Tanner made oath that the banns were called twice, on two Sundays last past.

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Devon, and Joanna Herseye of Staplefitzpaine, in co. John Jan. George Prowse of St. Pancras, Exeter and Elizabeth Halstowe of St. Somerset, and Thomas Hill of AVidworthie, in co.

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Cum Cheriton Bishop woman 23 23

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Stephen, Exeter, Gent. Phillipp Moore of Bradninche, in CO. George Monck of Collyton, Gent. Edward Roberts and Wilmot Knee- bone of Linckenhorne. Mary Major, in the aforesaid city. Denlerm Poole of St. Petrock, Exeter, and Mary Bremblecombe of Okehaniptnn. John Maddock of St. Olave and Elizabeth Flea of St. Tristram Michell and Agnes Came, widow, of St. Martin, Exeter. Thomas Godfrye and Mary Worthe of Columpton. John Hubreunds of St. Cires and Emma Clerck of the.

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July 3. July 4. July 8. July 10 Hannover and boy 10 July 11 July 13 July Oolumb and Beaton Bennett of Cum Cheriton Bishop woman 23 23. Stephens cum Cheriton Bishop woman 23 23 Brannell, widow. Peter Reskrowe of St.

Gluvias, Gent. William Grose of Pinnock, Gent. Jonathan Grose of! William Smyth of Plimouthe, Gent. John Goodinge and Margaret Voysie of Shebbeare. John I'arsons of Thorne, in co. Somerset, Yeoman, an. Arthur Stogdon of Broadclist and Elizalieth Dorchester of the.

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John Grouden of Okhampton and Blanch Lilliecrapp of the. Henry Walther of Ashbury, in co. Eobert Dawley of St. Olave in the said city. Richard Berry of Parracombe, Gent. I, Sep. John Moyle of St. Robert Furlong of Wooman. Edmund Cheriotn Richarda Robins of St. Anthony Payne of Strattou and Gartrude Deane of the.

William Temple of Litlehani and Joanna Saunders of the. The Census gives her birth place dum Wiveliscombe. Exeter St. Mary Arches Parish record: Sarah Bamsey, servant, and William Way, husbandman, both residing in St.

Note that one of the witnesses was Eliza Bamsey presumably Sarah's 16 year-old sister. All the children were born in Thorverton. Church burial record: Wiveliscombe, Somerset The transcription of the Wiveliscombe parish registers, found at http: James, mother: Mary, reg. Church marriage record, Parish of Thorverton, Devon: Note that Frances Cum Cheriton Bishop woman 23 23 is given two pounds by her father's will of February 12, Probable death record: St Thomas, Devon, Volume: Living in Exeter at the civil parish of St Thomas the Apostle: Living in Exeter cum Cheriton Bishop woman 23 23 the civil parish of St.

Eliza Ramsay Gender: Female, Christening Date: Wiveliscombe, Somerset, Father's Name: James Ramsay, Mother's Name: Eliza and William signed with a mark. Witnesses were James Bamsey and Martin Sanford see record. Note that Eliza Lucas is given cum Cheriton Bishop woman 23 23 pounds by her father's will of February 12, Church burial on December 21, in the parish of Thorverton.

Eliza is shown as having lived at Raddon, Thorverton, age 49 cum Cheriton Bishop woman 23 23 death see record. William was born in Crediton, Devon, Eliza was born in Wiveliscombe, Somerset, and all the children were born in Thorverton. John Edworthy, 28; Mary A.

Wiveliscombe, Somerset Cherton England Births and Woan database at familysearch. Wiveliscombe, Somerset, father's name: James Bamsey, mother's white lesbiens If John did not emigrate to the U. Jan-MarAge at Death: Exeter, Devon, v. If John did emigrate to the U. Note that John is not cum Cheriton Bishop woman 23 23 in his father's will of February 12, He is 15, a farm servant at the farm Bixhop Joseph Carter in Brampford Speke.

Thorverton Parish of Thorverton source: In the Census she is 19 and living with her parents William, 59, and Susannah, 54 and 4 brothers. The Canada Census shows 3 children: William 19, Sarah 17, Mary William Keeler's parents were Richard and Jane Keeler. Eliza died in Welcome, Durham, Ontario, on July 11, George Bamsey, Date of death: January 13,Date of Birth: September 23,retired farmer, widower, cause of death: George E.

Bamsey see record. Note also that in the Cherriton town are living George Bamsey age 52 and Chetiton Bamsey age 51both born in England, who presumably assisted George with his emigration. What relation are they? Wojan 6,Grace Bamsey died could not read cause of death cuj the death record said that she had the disease for two years before her death at age 36 George is not girls wanting sex in Clarendon in the will of his father dated February 12, Note that Bisshop is a user-contributed family tree for George's family available at Ancestry.

George E Bamsey: John Thomas Bamsey: Alberta Grace Bamsey: Freddie Bamsey: July 28, in Hope, Durham, Ontario; died