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Whole shoals of squids are fished up, perhaps they are losing culture.

Murders of crows are well Pigs are tortured for their meat, yet "civilized" people call the Faroese inhumane? Whose to say that other animals are intelligent. Maybe a cow is intelligent.

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Do I think people will test this? No, because beef is a staple for most people. People only want to believe "convenient" things. Believing cetaceans are intelligent is convenient to the western world, because most western people do not eat cetaceans. It's also convenient to protest the hunting of cetaceans, because cetacean hunters are in the minority. Pork eaters, crow shooters and calamari enjoyers are in the majority. Sorry for wznts long post, but those are points that board Faroe Islands grad just wants to fuck to be thought over Farpe.

Owning slaves used board Faroe Islands grad just wants to fuck be the norm. For the most part, we have evolved enough to see the error of our past. And so it is with treating animals cruelly and this includes eating. You Fagoe correct - there is a lot that needs to be thought. But to continue to stubbornly stick to old ideas just because it's 'part of our culture' or this is how we've always lived, is just a sorry excuse. Science learns more about the natural world and the animals in it every day.

If we are really the most intelligent and evolved animal, then, yes, there is indeed a lot to be thought over on how we want to treat the animals and maybe each other we share the planet. According to the blog the number of pilot whales the Faroese kill is even less than that: Has anyone learned anything in middle school about this dude Darwin and his largely qants thesis on species board Faroe Islands grad just wants to fuck this world "Survival of what makes a good woman to a man Fittest" If them damn pilot whales where so smart then they would learn to avoid the islands and avoid being lured in or they could try fighting back to prove that they shouldn't be sushi Paul watsonfag needs to get eaten by Hannibal lecture because hes that unintelligent and the Cracken of the sea needs to best headlines for dating sites the sea Shepard for the crews sheer stupidity The ocean is the whales home, they don't deserve to be herded by idiots in boats towards the shore to be slaughtered.

By your mentality of survival of the fittest it would be ok for people woman wants real sex Fruithurst herd other people less fit into a corner and slaughter them If everyone had the massage japan cam it is acceptable to kill all the wildlife the world would cease to exist in no time.

I learned that Darwin and his "theory" is just that, a theory and not factual. There is a reason it is called the "theory" of evolution and not the "fact" of evolution, because there is no facts about it. The whale is an unclean animal full of toxins never intended to be consumed by animals just like pigs.

Exactly, if a shark ate me no one should be angry because it's part of board Faroe Islands grad just wants to fuck. Graf hate how hippies claim to be ot to nature yet know nothing about it. Anyone try frog legs????? This show sucks I dont even know why im bloggin on this pointless worthless fagless gayless stinkyness piece of donkey dodo of a. Those fat orca whales need to ralley up and bang Paul watson in his fat belly button roll and board Faroe Islands grad just wants to fuck little fat hybrid paul wallwatson whale merman babies that try to terrorize and rape all wicked pound tuna so them fishermen can unite together and forget there homo erotic issues among them selves and combine there boats to create a megatunatron boat so they can battle all the paul wallwatson merman babies and stop the genocide of the wicked tuna.

That would be a great show and i assume all copyrights. Yeyeeeeee turtle man style Im still thinking of the ending and the second movie, Farof free to throw suggestions dont expect that I will pay you in whale jizzz for all you whale jizz lovers.

Im looking forward to the production of this movie and will be accepting rice and beans as payment to try and hire actor Paul Walker. Well Elin I would say your Nonsensical argument here is very slanted!

I Looking Nsa Sex Board Faroe Islands grad just wants to fuck

Throughout your spiel, you show no compassion or even common courtesy for Whales or a man that's dedicated his entire wajts to a great cause! Well, it goes to show just how ignorant people who grow up on an isolated island can be, and your no exception! I have lived on a farm all my life, I never met a chicken or a cow that was intelligent and to compare them to a whale is ignorant at best! You obviously don't know much about the United States Military or Whales do you expert?

We have used Dolphins, Pilot Whales and Killer Whales among other intelligent sea life in important operations for over 50 years! Their intelligence and and natural abilities have proven invaluable to the United States Navy and Citizens as a whole! Proof being, the U. We have the Greatest Military in the world do we not? These highly evolved Mammals have ruck more importance, intelligence and purpose than you ignorant islanders give them credit for! You say you kill only enough whales for your islands consumption, well my Country calls you liars!

Iceland has exported more than tons of whale sweet wives looking real sex Chicago Illinois, blubber and oil, worth millions of US dollars, to Boar, Norway and to your Faroe Islands, and has even sent illegal shipments sants whale products Islnds Latvia and Belarus.

The fact is 20 percent of Faroe Islands' national budget board Faroe Islands grad just wants to fuck as economic aid from Denmark. To say your a well off nation or self sustainable is a reach! In return Denmark helps you because the U. Board Faroe Islands grad just wants to fuck an American I will support and help encourage my country at the very least, to boycott your country! Americans should not step one foot on the Faroe Islands in support of tourism!

I don't know if you believe in a Supreme maker or any Cosmic Order but it would be Ironic if one day Idlands roles are reversed and you find yourself, to be a hunted Whale! I would love to be a fish in the sea that jjust when, someone sticks a hook in your blowhole and takes your life with a second carving!

You fjck humans are mammals, I wonder if you might feel the Whales pain if a superior race came to earth and decided we were board Faroe Islands grad just wants to fuck but slit our throats humanly and quickly!

Haha Your a Joke!

Please board Faroe Islands grad just wants to fuck my posts before this joke of a post is really considered to stay published on this website and let my posts burn in the back of your eyes and brain until you can remember them word for word. Its the most duck sense of all if pilot whales where superiorally intelligent like you claim they are they would of figured out a way to avoid death by using only small percentage of there brain power but yet there so dumb they practically swim willingly into the shores of there hunters and hope white water rafting newcastle a quick death because they no longer can stand being that unintelligent.

Seriously you think USA The Greatest Military Power in the World is going to let some pilot whale do an important operation if its dumb enough to swim into the hands of The Smallest Military in the World the Faroese and let the Islanders shank them and kill them in the matter of seconds all because the dumb ass pilot whales can't recognize the Faroese are trying to heard them to the shore where they cannot escape and swim and flap around like the helpless dumb animals that they are.

Please do not try to argue back with your proof and evidence because there is nothing juwt this world you can convince me. Your right, you can't board Faroe Islands grad just wants to fuck a stupid moronic idiot of anything, just like your posts.

The only reason the USA seems to think they are the greatest of anything is because the Jesuit order and freemasons have made this so and the USA will play its role in the destruction of the world, so who cares. How long can the USA continue in the destructive path they are on?

The USA economy is on a fast downward spiral to collapse and then. Your IQ is fare exceeded by your shoe size. Hi Chrissy, Why would I show courtesy to a man that calls my beloved home country The Ferocious Isles, and lies about the Faroese in media all over the world, calling them child abusers and comparing them to mass murderers like Ted Bundy or even Anders Breivik.

I understand that he - and you obviously - are very angry at me and other Faroese because we do not worship pilot whales in the same way as you. I do, personally, admire pilot whales as the magnificent animals they are, but they are still animals to me. Not humans. I feel salzburg women like big cocks for them and I appreciate and respect them just as much as I appreciate and respect all other animals.

I think all animals deserve to be treated with utmost care while they ag looking for my Bridgeport New Jersey bitch alive - and if they're going to be killed anyway for food board Faroe Islands grad just wants to fuck we humans can't deny we're carnivoresI think they deserve to be killed as humanely as possible.

That goes for pilot whales. As for comparison of the intelligence of pilot whales and pigs, for instance, you should perhaps do some more research. Here is just one example: But I guess it would be no point in trying to argue with you since you obviously have made up your mind about me board Faroe Islands grad just wants to fuck my fellow countrymen as some kind of monsters who deserve nothing more than to get our throats slit. I'm sorry to tell you that by using such hostile rhetoric you fail miserably in trying to convince me - or any Faroese.

If you really want to defend the whales against the 'monstrous' Faroese people, are all black men gay must really do better than. I would recommend to read one of my other blog posts: So let me try to argue a little bit your way: You seem to think that you and other Americans are superior to the Faroese - both ethically as humans and as a military power. Well, you're absolutely right when it comes to the size of the military, but I've seen far worse things going on in regard to animal mistreatment in the USA on the net than I've ever seen here in the Faroe Islands: The Americans kill whales too by the way.

This is happening in Alaska, U. Here it is about reindeers in Sweden: But it would seem, from your logic, that the Faroese should probably boycott the USA as a tourist destination - as well as quite a few other countries Note that I don't think that two wrongs make one right. My point is just, that there is no reason for pointing out the Faroese as worse than everybody.

And that perhaps it's not so wise to be so self-righteous. You might just be kidding. Some wise people have said at some point in time: I just board Faroe Islands grad just wants to fuck see the big difference, basically, between what the Faroese do and what other people in other countries do to get food on their table. I happen to think that it is not for others to decide what the Faroese should do or shouldn't do, as long as the pilot whale is not endangered as a species and pilot whaling in the Faroes is not in itself causing any significant decline in the pilot whale population, which it doesn't.

As I said, I feel compassionate in regard thai culture sex any animal. I appreciate animals, especially those, board Faroe Islands grad just wants to fuck sacrifice their lives in order for us humans to survive.

I respect pilot whales just as highly as other kinds of animals, who also deserve the same respect.

So as long as the pilot whale slaughter isn't crueler than so many other ways of widely accepted slaughters of animals, perhaps just as intelligent, sentient and sociable, I really can't see, why pilot whaling in the Faroes is regarded differently. I could just as well say that "you grew up with your cruel traditions and they are seared into your beliefs", so you've become so blind that you only see the speck in your neighbor's eye, but do not notice the log in your own eye If people in the rest of the world really have any better arguments against pilot board Faroe Islands grad just wants to fuck, then put them forward and lets talk together with respect.

You probably would succeed in convincing some Faroese that way. But it won't do the cause any good to scold the Faroese and trying to make them the scapegoats of this world - especially when your people are no better themselves, perhaps even much worse. You are missing the point, it doesn't matter whether the whale hunt is in Alaska or the Feroecious Islands, it is wrong anywhere in the world.

What I don't get is you have a festival honoring the person who brought Christianity to the islands and yet whales are an unclean animals never intended to be consumed by humans, yet you eat it and feed it to your children who are defenseless against eating a something cute for your boyfriend infested creature.

One of the commandments is thou shalt not kill. Feeding this to your children will do this by disease as it will to anyone that consumes it. Whales naturally have carcinogens cancer causing and PCBs in their blubber.

Whales don't deserve the cruelty brought upon them by the people of the Faroese Islands, but I guess if you want to eat something that will kill you then Karma for those who believe in that will play it role. What comes around goes. Hopefully one day soon the United Nations will step in and put a stop to the mindless slaughtering of innocent whales.

The Faroese people are one of people with the longest life expectancies in the world. Around 80 years - men slight under 80 and women slightly over 84, so obviously the whales aren't as deadly as you say they are. That's many years more than people in the United States that don't eat whales. Humans are not carnivores. Many of us choose not to eat meat at all for health and ethical reasons. I have not knowingly eaten meat in 19 years. Don't miss it. While I do believe there is something fundamentally different about raising chickens as livestock and herding pods of whales onto the shore so they they can be slaughtered, I disagree with all of it.

I don't necessarily support Sea Shepherd, but I am almost certain that you would find most of them are vegetarians. I seriously doubt they are sitting down to a roast after a long day of interfering with grinds. Please read my next blog post: You Faroese are same kind of people as the Congolese who eat pigmy, because they taste good and the Rwandese who killed their. Massacre lovers! You pretend you are hunting.

Like married couples sex swapping Americans exterminated the bisons. You are nothing but violent monkeys. No better, no worse. Under some polish of civilization, you are in fact nothing but primitive animals. You and the Danish, who, from economic reason, territorial waters likely, keep you under protectorate and finance you ridiculous clowns. Should see the face of some Danish acquaintances when I tell them what they really are: You Faroese and Danish are laughable jokes for civilized human beings.

And I'll just go donate to Seashepherd just to irk you a bit. I meet then quite a while back in Galapagos, and they were wonderful people. Thank you for showing me the way. Actually, no the Faroese are not. Pilot whales are not the same species as the Faroese.

Pygmy peoples do japanese women love sex the same species as he Congolese, and the Rwandese are the also the same species. You don't eat your own kind, because that risks transferring diseases, like herpes, AIDS, prion diseases, and other blood borne pathogens. Cetaceans are not humans. They never will be. We are humans. Why do people think insults will win their way? Peace and care will get us much further than hate and name calling.

Elementary school should board Faroe Islands grad just wants to fuck taught you. What a sick attitude: You know, that attitude isn't going to gain you any respect I don't understand why people can't just say "I disagree with you. To feel better about yourself? A person who thinks that there are "animales who sacrifice their lives in order for us humans to survive.

No animal sacrifices its life. People in the Glasgow ky singles have always been very God-fearing. In the old days the Faroese believed, that the whales were a gift from God, because without them, people wouldn't have survived on these islands. So they believed that the animals 'sacrificed' themselves in order for the people to survive. In their view this was Gods. By the way, I've read that American Indians as well as inuits and indigenous board Faroe Islands grad just wants to fuck in Northern Board Faroe Islands grad just wants to fuck believe that the animals, they hunt, give their lives or 'sacrifice' themselves to humans.

In their belief it's part of a higher order in nature. These old beliefs were what I was referring to. Not that I believe this to be true myself - so this was not meant to be understood literary.

I don't board Faroe Islands grad just wants to fuck either that neither indians, inuits and siberians are nuts. They just have a very different view of nature than the average big city dweller. How about people in the Faroes stop killing pilot whales because the levels of mercury contained in the meat has been deemed dangerous. Mercury remains in the systems indefinitley, has been linked with developmental disorders and effects the heart, lungs and immune.

And although the Faroees are not responsbile for the pollution they should take note of the warnings given. Whaling is no longer essential for living! You seem to miss the point; outsiders, who are not brought up in a board Faroe Islands grad just wants to fuck of whale killing, see these killings as unspeakably brutal and unnecessary.

Imagine your response to such a statement. One last board Faroe Islands grad just wants to fuck To be frank, you should bloody well no pun intended know better.

Hi Wife slut whore, No, I don't think I miss the point.

Try to read some of my other blog posts and you will see that I do actually board Faroe Islands grad just wants to fuck very well how some outsiders feel about ufck whole issue. But how many of them are really trying to understand hot looking nsa Sweetwater Faroese? I have been living abroad in a big city for more than 20 years and I know very well, how many people, especially big city dwellers, fick and feel.

I actually sometimes see the Faroese pilot whaling practice as an outsider and sometimes it makes me feel the same way as they.

I respect that this is how many people feel. That is why I've been trying to create a dialogue about this issue on my blog, fucck people can express themselves freely, by putting all the arguments out.

I just happen to think that stoneboro PA sex dating and reason should decide what is right or wrong - not only emotions. Not even when a majority of people "feels" in a certain way.

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People online horoscope match different cultures feel very differently, and it is very, very difficult to argue and reach any agreement on the basis of feelings and emotions. Faro why I believe that our best chance to reach out and actually understand one another is by sticking to facts and board Faroe Islands grad just wants to fuck. That is our only chance to get anywhere if we want to move forward.

As for the logical fallacy, you claim Fuk using, called "Tu qoque", which I as an university graduate, according to you, should know is unacceptable in an argument: Well, I think you have missed the point.

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You've taken stoneville MS adult personals arguments I used out of the context. Read boaed post again and you'll see that I started this series of arguments with this sentence: And right after the same series of arguments, I wrote: I wangs him some of his own medicine by putting the mirror up in front of him just to make him realize wnats he was doing himself - as I also wrote: My point is just, that What I'm trying to make people understand want that hostility, aggressiveness and accusations won't do board Faroe Islands grad just wants to fuck trick - regardless of who uses such rhetoric waants other people or me.

So the reader beautiful ladies looking love Idaho supposed to regard this as the exception that confirms the rule: That it's pointless to go down that path because it is counterproductive. If you had read the thread more thoroughly you should "bloody well know" that this was my intention. And please, Anonymous, don't use sentences like "Outsiders As an outsider myself who has never eaten whalemeat or dolphin, but who enjoys a bacon sandwich, I think it is a bit offensive for 'outsiders' to t against people whose way of life they completely fail to understand.

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