» » » » Penampilan Seksi Rihanna di Victoria's Secret Fashion Show


Tak hanya model model cantik yang tampil di cara fashion show paling terpopuler di dunia Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, Rihanna tampil di panggung catwalk dengan penampilan dan gaya yang sangat seksi.

Berikut kumpulan foto Penampilan Seksi Rihanna di Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, seperti dilansir dailymail

Diamonds: Rihanna sang around the gemstone but chose pearls to wear tonight

Holding her own: Rihanna could clearly have been an Angel, had her international pop career not panned out

Gothic angel: Rihanna gave the Victoria's Secrets gals a run for their money by performing in this ridiculously sexy dress at the annual show held at the Lexington Armory in New York tonight
Saucy: Rihanna grabbed a feel on the runway, much to the audience's amusement

Giggles: The pair convulsed with laughter after the incident

Think pink: Rihanna appeared to be having a great time and told fans she was a VS girl

Always flirting: Rihanna seemed to enjoy interacting with the models  

Pretty in pink: The singer also slipped into this baby pink number

Runway success: Rihanna strode the catwalk like a pro  

Enthralling: Doutzen got up close and personal with the pop superstar for the performance

Hold my hand: The showstopper was in her element

'You and I are like diamonds in the sky': Is Rihanna talking about Chris Brown via these lyrics?  

Uber-talented: Rihanna rocked the annual festival of flesh

Who doesn't want to be part of that gang? Rihanna joined the Angels at the end of the runway at the end of the show

What a great brunch: The girls proved quite the sight all stood together

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