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Adu Kebo atau adu banteng maupun nyambung ayam udah biasa di Indonesia nah bangaimana dengan adu kuda di Cina.

Acara Adu kuda ini diselenggarakan untuk merayakan akhir dari musim panen di Rongshui County, tepatnya di provinsi Guangxi, penduduk setempat berkumpul untuk menyaksikan kuda kuda berkelahi. berikut fotonya

Fierce fight: One stallion jump to attack another in the traditional event in Rongshui County, China

All about the girl: In order to make the horses aggressive the farmers keep a mare in heat nearby which pits the stallions against each other

Crowdpleaser: The gathered watch intently as two young horses go head to head with many having picked a favourite ahead of the battle

No sport: The event, held to celebrate the autumn harvest has been part of Chinese rural life for centuries, although human rights campaigners have branded it 'barbaric'
Battle: The two horses fight on their hind legs with teeth bared as the crowd cheers 
Moneymakers: It is common for the spectators to bet on the outcome of the horsefights


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