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Pesulap kondang David Blaine menyalurkan listrik dari kumparan tesla yang diisi dengan 1 juta volt listrik dalam aksinya di Pier 54, New York (5/10). Blaine melakukannya dengan berdiri di atas ketinggian 6 meter di posisi yang sama selama 72 jam atau 3 hari tiga malam

Bolts of electricity: David Blaine stepped out onto Pier 54 in New York City tonight where he stood amidst a million volts of electricity 
Protective armour: The illusionist and endurance man was protected from the volts by a suit of chain mail and wire helmet

Dramatic scenes: a crown gathered to watch the stunt in New York, while others watched the action on YouTube 
Going without: Blaine will not eat in the three days he will be electrified

Lightening show: The magician and endurance artist has only a water tube to help him through the next three days

Dramatic sight: Blaine's stunt resembled a light show as the volts were pumped in 
Preparation: Blaine was later than his 7.30 start time and looked a little nervous as he stepped onto the platform

Salutations: Blaine greeted the crowd as he prepared for the electricity to be turned on 
Conductor: Blaine has likened the sensation of being electrocuted to being 'banged very hard on the back of the head'

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